Project Description

Consulting Case Study : Recruitment

The client, an international recruitment business, was realigning their IT systems in line with the move to remote and hybrid working., and engaged us to assist with design of the network, security and wireless solutions.


  • Provide a secure and high performance wireless system throughout the premises
  • Ensure a high degree of network security with traffic analysis and threat detection
  • Enable separation of trusted and untrusted traffic, allowing BYOD
  • Ensure the network would support the required security and segregated traffic


  • Ensuring complete and robust coverage of all working areas
  • Performing security inspections without impacting performance of ~1000 staff
  • Minimising downtime whilst rolling out enhancements
  • Enabling failover between redundant switches, routers and leased lines to maximise uptime


Taking a staged approach to the upgrades we performed a full wifi survey to ensure total coverage. The wifi solution deployed used enterprise grade security, ensuring fine grained control of who can use the wifi, what devices, and when. Policies were rolled out to auto-approve company supplied devices, with the option to approve BYOD devices, enabling a seamless rollout.

In conjunction with the in-house IT function, a resilient network was designed to ensure that an equipment or cabling failure would not affect the provision of services, and users could continue to operate.

Clustered routers were deployed at the network edge to monitor traffic for malicious actions, and provide fast, robust and secure connectivity to the range of cloud based services used by the client.


 The staged approach meant that the client could benefit from the improvement as quickly as possible. The improved wifi solution enabled a more secure network, giving management confidence to approve flexible working and BYOD.

Improve security and resilience allowed office-based workers to be continuously productive, without needing to worry about connectivity issues.