Project Description

Cloud Case Study : Telecoms Provider

The client, a leader in provision of mobile telephony services wanted a flexible solution providing a fully cloud based IT system for their geographically diverse workforce.

The solution needed to provide both desktop and servers in the cloud, with the ability to support all of the clients current systems and programs.


  • Provide cloud-based servers and desktops to enable fully remote working
  • Provide support, monitoring and maintenance for all servers and desktops
  • Ensure security and resilience of all systems, which are in use 24/7/365


  • Users would be working worldwide, so responsiveness and availability were key
  • Access to all software, not just cloud based apps
  • Integration with multiple third parties, providing services and data
  • Security and stability of the underlying cloud service provider


After reviewing the market, a decision was made to proceed with Amazon Workspaces to provide cloud-based desktop, with EC2 providing the servers. Using Amazon’s market-leading cloud platform, we designed a secure, self-contained cloud service where all the business desktops, servers and data lived.

Leveraging Amazon Workspaces, this service was available via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, providing complete availability for all users. Frequent backups and built-in redundancy provided high uptime and availability.

Further Amazon features were deployed to create high-performance databases, secure links to third parties and regular complete, secure backups of the entire system.


The business now has a secure, high-performance suite of desktops and servers all completely cloud-based and remotely managed with no upfront infrastructure costs or office space required.

Data security is enhanced as no data is kept on users’ laptops or desktops but kept securely in the cloud, behind world-class security, at all times.

The number, and power, of desktops can be scaled up and down as required, as can the server and storage, meaning the IT infrastructure tracks and responds to business needs quickly and accurately, keeping costs down.