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It's not always a service you need, it's a solution

Business requirements don't always fall in to a neat service category. We have a successful track record of addressing business requirements and presenting an entire solution, leveraging a range of skills and technologies.

By approaching the project from the perspective of the business, rather than the IT perspective, we are apply to design a solution to the challenges facing the business, rather than trying to shoehorn the business into a predetermined system

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  • Client: Large Recruiter
  • REQUIREMENT: Integrate two Exchange systems
  • Environment: Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, WAN, Active Directory

Exchange integration following acquisition

The client, a large international recruiter, had recently acquired another large business. To aid the integration of the two businesses it was required to integrate the Exchange environments to facilitate seamless messaging and calendaring between the two businesses.

Using Forefront Identity Server and Federated services, we worked up from integrating the domains and active directory, to allow shared email address spaces, through to shared calendaring and address lists.

This was done with no downtime and was rolled out seamlessly in stages to the end users in offices around the world.

End users can now enjoy the appearance and convenience of a single consolidated email system, whilst the infrastructure team work to migrate to a single exchange infrastructure.

  • Client: advanced manufacturer
  • requirement: enterprise software deployment
  • environment Windows, Hyper-V, SAN, Replication

Infrastructure to enable new enterprise software

The client was looking to deploy a new line-of-business application to manage their manufacturing and distribution business. We were engaged to ensure their infrastructure was suitable for the new system

Reliability was identified as crucial aspect, and in response a Hyper-V cluster was deployed, with shared storage and redundant routing based in HP Enterprise equipment.

This enabled the system to survive the failure of critical components, ensuring business uptime

A Veeam backup system ensured reliable, frequent backups. In addition, an offsite replica was integrated ensuring that a disaster recovery plan was able to swiftly return the business to operation.

  • Client: food producer
  • requirement: network consolidation
  • environment cabling, switching, voip, data

network rationalisation and improvements

The client had a network that had grown in stages over many years. It had now reached the stage where it was undocumented, unmapped and proving difficult to manage.

We approached the project by first mapping and evaluating the existing switches and cabling and inventorying the endpoints. This allowed us to then move forward with a staged plan to move to a fully managed network

Deploying HPE switches and upgrading to 10GbE fibre links back to a core switching stack enable the network to be rationalised, whilst increasing visibility of the network to the IT team.

The improved infrastructure now allows enhanced security, higher performance and enables a move to VoIP.